Whole Body Nutrition & Wellness

Empower yourself to develop the relationship with food you've always wanted. With an emphasis on whole foods nutrition, integrative nutrition and intuitive eating, Food and Flow will start you on the road to becoming the best version of you.

What is integrative nutrition?
Treating the whole person is the flagstone of integrative nutrition. This concept goes deeper than macronutrients, energy expenditure and food labels. It explores the idea that proper food and diet can help heal the body through evidence-based approaches. Using detailed and in-depth assessments, our dietitians can help treat ailments from migraines to autoimmune diseases to depression and more. 

How do I eat intuitively?
Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches how to create a healthy relationship with food where you become the expert of your own body. The dietitians at Food and Flow can guide you on how to listen to your body to help free you from the confines of the calorie in, calorie out mentality. By understanding our relationship with food, intuitive eating can help us rediscover the joy of eating. 

All packages contain the following: 
  • One 60 min introductory session
  • Weekly 30 min follow up sessions 
  • Help with meal planning 
  • Summaries and handouts to support you between meetings
  • Unlimited email support​
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Free food tracking and instant feedback

Initial Consultation
60 minute one-on-one session 
Not sure where to start with healthy eating? Curious about what a dietitian can do for you?  This 60 minute 1-on-1 session will be used to discuss your goals and develop a personalized plan. If you're not quite ready to make a commitment, book this initial consultation to find out what it's all about. 

One Month Package
Includes weekly nutritional counseling and unlimited messaging
Best for restarting healthy habits, this one month plan is designed to kickstart you back on the road to healthy eating. 

Four Month Package
Includes eight 30-minute follow up sessions
This customized program is designed to support and guide you in your journey to better health.

Six Month Package  BEST VALUE
Includes twelve 30-minute follow up sessions
Recommended for those new to nutritional counseling.

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